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Auralex MudGuard v2 Microphone Shield

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Auralex MudGuard v2 Microphone Shield
 Auralex MudGuard v2 Microphone Shield-Top View 
Auralex MudGuard v2 Microphone Shield
 Auralex MudGuard v2 Microphone Shield 
The Auralex MudGuard v2 uses a new proprietary dual convex shape, "multi-radii" design that diverts internal shell reflections away from a microphone placed within it. Whereas concave or parabolic shaped surfaces tend to focus sound towards the microphone positioned at its focal point, the MudGuard™ v2 either absorbs incoming noise and room tone or "splays" it away from the microphone using a "W" shaped shield covered in Auralex® Studiofoam®.

Meanwhile the outer surrounding solid shell not only offers rigid support for the MudGuard v2, it also reduces external noise and unwanted room ambience from entering the interior space surrounding the microphone.

I compared voice recordings with and without using the MudGuard. I notice that bright shrill-sounding microphone tend to mellow out and warm up when placed inside of the MudGuard. I had less leakage from external noises--loud traffic etc. and this alone makes MudGuard useful when recording in domestic (home) environs--places without proper sound isolation.

The Auralex MudGuard v2 Microphone Shield comes with a complete set of mounting hardware and measures 16 W X 10 D X 14 H-inches. It will mount on any mic stand--separate from the microphone--or it and the mic can share its mounting system using a single stand.

Auralex MudGuard v2 Microphone Shield sells for $169 MSRP and learn much more at:

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