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dbx by HARMAN goRack Performance Processor

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dbx by HARMAN goRack Performance Processor
 dbx by HARMAN goRack Performance Processor 
The dbx goRack™ is called a Performance Processor because it is easy to work while performing onstage. Its simplified controls and instant sound processing are exactly the right tools for artists who know what they what they'd like to hear but might not know technically how to go about getting it.

The goRack incorporates four processors from dbx's DriveRack series. They are scaled down into a small and rugged desktop size unit with a single editing layer for each processor under the control of a large data entry wheel. There are five individual Bypass buttons including a master Mute button.

The goRack includes: two fully adjustable dbx mic preamps with selectable mic/line switch, an EQ with 16 musical genre-based presets numbered and printed on a label on the bottom of the unit, a basic and effective compressor via dbx's 163X, an Anti-Feedback Suppressor with a choice of three different notch frequency widths, and a sub-harmonic synthesizer.

Holding down one of the processor bypass buttons switches it into the Edit mode for that process. Once you've made a change using the data entry wheel, you'll tap on the button again to change the relative level of that processor in the chain you've built! Brilliantly intuitive!

The dbx goRack has stereo Combo inputs/outputs for either XLR or 1/4-inch connectors. There is also a 1/8-inch TRS stereo input you can mix in a portable music player source before the sub-harmonic and EQ or directly to the master stereo output.

I quickly integrated the goRack into my studio as an outboard processor. I just love the quirky sounds I get using it conventionally and as a parallel processor. The compressor is vibey and solid for problematic vocals and bass guitar and the sub-harmonic synthesizer works without delay just like dbx's famed boom box.

The dbx goRack Performance Processor sells for $99.95 MAP. For much, check:

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