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DPA Microphones d:vote Instrument Mic Mounts

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DPA Microphones d:vote Instrument Mic Mounts
 DPA Microphones d:vote Instrument Mic Mounts
DPA Microphones expands its line of d:vote™ Instrument Microphones with the addition of three new mic mounts. The goal is to allow using one (or more) of the d:vote mics on any instrument just by switching the mount.

The SM4099 Stand Mount allows you to use the d:vote 4099 Instrument Microphone conventionally on a mic stand for vocals, acoustic guitars, brass instruments or a pair of them as drum overhead mics--I'd love to hear those mics in that application!

The CM4099 Clamp Mount (pictured) has a strong grip that'll work with just about any instrument--even on a music stand--it could be an initial purchase as a "go-to", all-around utility mounting accessory.

The AC4099 Clip for the Accordion works well enough that you might want to use two mics and clips to record this instrument in stereo. As played, the accordion is often a "moving target" and difficult to record with stationary mics on floor stands.

DPA also offers four different d:vote™ touring kits that come in sturdy Peli™ cases. Select from either a four-pack or ten-pack, each microphone coming in a pencil-case style pouch, in addition to mounts for everything you'll need for capturing classical to rock music performances in high fidelity.

For more information on the d:vote™ Instrument Microphones and accessories, visit:

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