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DPA Microphones d:screet Slim Microphone

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DPA Microphones d:screet Slim Microphone
 DPA Microphones d:screet Slim Microphone
The new d:screet Slim microphone is a nearly invisible body worn omnidirectional microphone with a tiny attached cable. It is designed with a button hole mounting accessory that provides a 90-degree sound input angle while allowing the cable to lie flat.

There is a choice of either the d:screet 4060 capsule with high sensitivity or the 4061 capsule with standard sensitivity--both the d:screet Slim mics offer exceptional audio quality with low self-noise. The new d:screet Slims are compatible with all major wireless adapters and are available in four colors: beige, white, black and brown.

These mics also use a concealer system that features a separable top and base--the base is attached on the clothing with the top part is removable.

DPA's d:screet Slim Miniature are for live theatrical use, presentation speaking or on-camera talent. DPA Microphones' d:screet Slim is $429.95 MSRP (w/ MicroDot termination, adapter required). More information is available at:

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