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 The S-12 Mic Kit Inside
Microphones-Parts is a web site that sells microphone modification kits, completely assembled mics, capsules and various accessories and replacement parts. The mod kits replace the capsule and the internal electronics of cheaply-made or broken condenser microphones. The company provides a choice of different new capsules, circuit board and the parts to build classic, time-proven electronics--identical to the circuits used in vintage microphones costing thousands of dollars.

There is a list of almost 50 different mics in the Mic Mod library of common microphones made all over the world that you can "refurbish" and/or modify.

You first build the head amplifier circuit board(s) and then install it plus any new capsule of you choice. You'll end up with a much better sounding microphone and have the satisfaction of building something that you can use everyday. Oh....and you'll save a lot of money for just a little workbench time soldering and building these kits.

With modification kits, use your tired and old mic's metal body to hold a new capsule (if required) and hand built electronics circuit boards for a microphone with better sensitivity, lower noise, and lower distortion than many microphones. Mod Kits Mic Kit
The company sells complete microphone kits (see list of URLs below)--everything you need to build in a few hours an awesome sounding microphone from the ground up. Also available fully-assembled and tested, the four types of microphones grouped by their internal design are: the T-47 and T-12 FET/Transformer mics; both a 12-251 and V-47 Tube/Transformer model; the TLMX-49 FET/transformerless; and three more S-Series FET-based models all using the classic Schoeps transformerless circuit.

I chose and built the S-87 Microphone kit; it is a large diaphragm condenser that uses the Schoeps transformerless circuit laid out on two circuit boards that mount opposite each other on the internal frame. It comes in a choice of three powder-coated colors: Satin Black, Matte Green, and Metallic Copper and optional shock mounts are available in addition to the included basic mount. You can also buy and build match pairs of mics with the capsules pre-matched at the factory.

Like the famed Neumann U87, the S-87 is an all-around general-purpose microphone. It has an internal cardioid/omnidirectional pattern switch that can be configured as an attenuator switch during the build if you don't require an omni mic. The microphone has high sensitivity, low self-noise and one of the beautiful things about of building your own mic is that you can select how bright a microphone it is by selecting a certain set of capacitors as detailed in the manual. The different capacitors are provided.

For my build I went with the cardioid/omni switch and the minimal roll-off for the center-terminated RK-87 capsule and it is working fine for singers who tend towards shrillness. I like using this mic for acoustic guitars and instruments that I'm looking for a natural sound.

At just $349 each, you could build different (colored) microphones for specific uses and tailor each of them to your own preference. Plus later on, you could change how bright the microphone is by changing no more than two parts inside. You may set the high frequency response anywhere from neutral (+0.5dB @ 12kHz) to mildly boosted. In addition, there is a trim pot inside the mic to set the polarizing voltage and I have mine set a little high to make the microphone more sensitive--especially good for acoustic guitars. Mod Kits Colors
These kits use high quality parts to insure that, if you build it well, you'll add a great sounding recording mic to your collection. The critical NOS JFET transistor is made by Siliconix and is individually biased (at the shop) for every kit to optimize its performance. The output transistors are Hitachi NOS and all signal capacitors are low-noise from Wima. 1% Vishay resistors are used throughout.

I would class these mic kits as intermediate level builds--you do need soldering skills, the necessary tools, magnifying glass, and be able to follow directions exactly. You'll have to have some knowledge of electronic parts and how to treat them carefully.

Most all of the parts are in a single bag and not (unfortunately) marked individually as I've experienced with other kits I've built. Being as the parts are so small and numerous, I quickly realized that I would have to lay them out as pictured in the manual to verify they were all there and identified. Good idea!

My mic build worked first time I plugged it in and if there was a problem, the company is available to answer questions or "walk" you through troubleshooting.

I have my S-87 and Phil Moore from Retro Instruments loaned me his T-47 FET/Transformer and his 12-251 Tube/Transformer mics that he built for me to test. They all worked flawlessly the first time for him as well and sound awesome.

For much more information about building your own microphone, check out:

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