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Peavey RBN Series Stage Monitor Speakers

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Peavey RBN 112 Stage Monitor
 Peavey RBN 112 Monitor 
RBN Series 215 Powered Sub Woofer Speaker
 Peavey RBN Series 215 Powered Sub Woofer Speaker 
The new Peavey RBN Series starts with the RBN™ 112 speaker enclosure and the RBN™ 215 powered subwoofer. These active monitor speaker systems are noted for their super reliability and feature an internal temperature monitor combined with a variable speed cooling fan and both level and clip indicators ensure optimal performance.

The 1,500-watt RBN 112 monitor includes Peavey's proprietary 120-mm ribbon tweeter driving an optimized waveguide for a 'recording studio' sound from a live sound speaker. You get a 12-inch dual-voice coil neodymium Scorpion® speaker and the onboard DSP provides program EQ presets along with infrasonic high-pass filters and 9-band graphic EQ/delay. The RBN 112 also has a compressor/limiter and high/low-pass filters for both crossover and external subwoofer integration.

Peavey's RBN 215 powered subwoofer maintains full output down to 36 Hz using 2,000-watts of total peak power. They are made using heavily braced 18-mm birch plywood and have dual 15-inch woofers protected by a heavy-duty steel perforated grille.

The rear panel setup wizard with its LCD screen and built-in VU meter allows users to quickly select the speaker's application and stage orientation--as either monitor wedges or side-fills. The RBN series features two XLR/1/4-inch combination inputs, a 3.5mm input, mic/line level selection, and auto-off power down.

With side and top handles, multiple side and top fly points, heavy-duty locking casters, pole mount, the RBN 112 is 24 H, 14.07 W, and 14.07-inches D and weighs 39 pounds while the RBN 215 is 32.88 H, 22.07 W, and 24.75 inches D and weighs 125 pounds.

The Peavey RBN 112 sells for $1,499.99 and the RBN 215 sells for $1,999.99 MSRP. For more about them check:

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