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RTW MM3 MusicMeter

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RTW MM3 MusicMeter
 RTW MM3 MusicMeter 
RTW GmbH, Germany has a brand new audio monitoring meter designed for professional music applications. The MM3 MusicMeter is a loudness touch meter specifically aimed at music producers and music production.

The super-accurate MM3 MusicMeter is a small touchscreen unit that sits on any desktop and features a vector scope, PPM/True Peak and VU, real-time analyzers (RTA) and supports all the loudness measurement standards such as EBU R128 and ITU-R BS.1770.

The MM3 connects via USB to your DAW and its touchscreen provides measurements of: real time analysis, summed Momentary, Short Term or Integrated Loudness with LUFS scales (Loudness Units relative to Full-Scale) and much more.

The unit's display can be adjusted for vertical or horizontal orientation and supported audio inputs include: stereo analog, SPDIF and USB streams. In addition, there is a SPDIF output that delivers a buffered stereo signal and/or a down mix of 5.1 mixes.

The MM3 MusicMeter is compatible with RTW's well-known, free USB Connect software package downloadable from This software equips its users with a direct audio signal transfer and additional control from within your DAW system.

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