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SSL Sigma Delta 2.0 Update

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SSL Sigma Delta 2.0 Update
 SSL Sigma Delta 2.0 Update  
The SSL Sigma is Solid-State-Logic's SuperAnalogue™ mix engine system capable of summing up to 16 stereo stems (32 streams of audio) from your DAW's analog I/O to either of its two, internal stereo buses. Sigma has complete analog monitoring, headphone, talkback, and processing insert capabilities.Its resident operating system is stored as firmware inside the unit itself.

The Sigma Remote Control software, when installed into the DAW's computer, communicates setup and controller information back and forth to Sigma over an Ethernet connection. In my tests here I have both the Sigma's and my SSL X-Patch's (a 16 X 16 programmable patch bay matrix) Ethernet ports connected to my gigabit switch and on to my router.

Recently SSL updated the Sigma Remote Control with Sigma delta-Control 2.0, an all-new Remote Control App with MCU control (Mackie Control Universal) protocol used for direct control of Sigma from other SSL MCU Controllers including their AWS, Duality and Nucleus products. The different control protocols now possible with delta-Controls are: Delta (MCU), Pro Tools (HUI), iPMIDI, OSC, and Logic, Cubase and Ableton Live all via MCU.

The free update to the delta-Control comes with all the tools and firmware files to update both the Sigma and Nucleus products to use MCU over TCP/IP network-based UDP control protocol instead of embedded MIDI messaging. The update includes detailed instructions for transferring, converting and knowing the differences between the old A-FADA automation v 1.0.3 data and delta-Control.

Also now available (at extra charge) is SSL's delta-Ctrl DAW plug-in ($85.75) download here. It runs Native AAX/RTAS/VST/VST3 (no support for AU hosts). Using the host DAW's plug-in automation, it allows automation of: Channel level in full 10-bit resolution, Cut, EQ in/Out, Insert In/Out, Cue St, and FX 1, 2, 3, 4 of a Duality console, the same functionality for the AWS board (but not FX 3 and 4), and any of the Sigma's 16 Channel Levels and Cuts only.

Being a Sigma owner for quite some time, I had upgraded only recently and found a huge operational improvement for my music mixing and control of the two stereo buses within Sigma. I am now using the unit more fully because I can use the delta-Ctrl plug-in to automate and evaluate overall stem level changes and cuts and then elect to incorporate them (or not) into my mixes.

I keep all 16 Sigma channel levels set at unity via the stored Sigma delta-Control 2.0 channel setup template and make all automation moves just like I've always done with In-The-Box mixing in Pro Tools. On occasion, it is often necessary to make small level changes to one of the stereo stems playing into Sigma. I use the delta-Ctrl DAW plug-in on 16 "dummy" fader channels all set to unity--one for each Sigma channel.

I did not like that "Option Clicking" on the fader in the plug-in causes the level to go to infinity--opposite to convention but I discovered that double-click whilst holding the Command key produces the desired fader unity.

I now automate stem mix moves easily. Each plug-in fader becomes a highly accurate 10-bit stem master fader that I save with my mix template. Producing mix variants---vocals up/down, bass up/down, more drums etc. externally, with the delta-Ctrl plug-in, adds a new level of precision equal to the finest console automation systems in the world. I'm highly recommending this system to go with Sigma or any other SSL MCU networked audio system!

The new Sigma delta software and firmware version of the Remote Control App and MCU control will be free to existing Sigma owners.

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