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Steinberg Dorico Notation Software

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Steinberg Dorico Notation Software
 Steinberg Dorico Notation Software
For both Macs and PCs, Steinberg Media Technologies will release Dorico notation software later in 2016. This is professional scoring software for composers, arrangers, engravers, copyists and educators. Its ease of use and single-window user interface are the first features you'll notice about Dorico. The name Dorico is a reference to Doric, one of three canonical orders of classical architecture developed in Greece and altered by the Romans.

Besides its ability to work entirely in open meter or to freely rebar existing music, Dorico allows composers to experiment freely with musical ideas, including seamlessly inserting music within an existing passage, or change the durations of existing notes, and have correct notation produced automatically.

The application also provides capabilities for project management, unlimited number of staves and movements, sections or pieces within the same project. Dorico facilitates the creation of various score layouts with independent page size, staff size and system layout all powered by a desktop publishing-quality page layout engine.

Other features include: virtual instruments with more than 1,500 sounds, input via computer or MIDI keyboard, and import and export in MusicXML, MIDI and graphics formats.

Dorico comes with HALion Sonic SE (VST Instrument) and the entire HALion Symphonic Orchestra library. The full version of Dorico will sell for $579.99 MAP. There will be educational and cross grade pricing available. Check:

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