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Switchcraft 318BT Bluetooth Audio Receiver

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Switchcraft 318BT Bluetooth Audio Receiver
 Switchcraft 318BT Bluetooth Audio Receiver 
Switchcraft® adds the Bluetooth® Audio Receiver to their line of AudioStix™ products that includes AES/EBU to BNC adapters, an 1/8-inch stereo audio to balanced line converter plus active and passive A/V Direct boxes.

The 318BT plugs into a low impedance mic/line input using the Switchcraft male XLR balanced connector and is powered from the console or mic pre-amp's phantom power or via a micro USB jack on its side. So now I have wireless audio integrated into my studio's system without wiring, software or batteries.

The 318BT runs under the latest 4.0 Bluetooth standard to receive an audio stream from any BT-enabled device. I like the black-anodized aluminum case and the tiny LED on the front end that confirms pairing to the device.

I plugged the 318BT directly into the front panel Combo XLR connector of my Sunset Sound S1P Tutti Mic-Pre and used about 50dB of mic gain to raise the audio level to +4dBm line level for my Pro Tools interface. But I could have also just plugged it into any audio console's microphone channel just as well. The 318BT immediately "paired" up with my iPhone 6s and I was streaming my music directly.

The 318BT combines the left and right stereo channels into mono and I thought the 16-bit sound quality was fine for quickly playing iPhone music, YouTube videos and songwriters' song ideas, samples or demos--any reference track(s) during a busy session. I no longer have to connect using a wire to a -10dBv to +4dBM "bump box" (such as the Aphex 228) and then bring it up on the board in someway just to hear a musical idea.

I can leave the 318BT plugged into its own channel at the end of the mixer and it'll be at the ready whenever someone in the room pairs up their device. I could get about 75-feet away (depending on obstacles in the way) and maintain a solid connection. And if I went out of range momentarily, Bluetooth 4.0 would re-connect instantly when I got back in range with no big whoop.

Other applications include background music, narrative presentations, House of Worship, music rehearsals and many more. The Switchcraft 318BT Bluetooth Audio Receiver sells for $110 MAP and for more on the AudioStix™ line, check: or

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