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Waves Tune Real-Time

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Waves Tune Real-Time
 Waves Tune Real-Time 
The Waves Tune Real-Time plug-in automatically tunes vocals in real time with minimal latency and that makes it useful for both the studio and live sound mixing. Waves says the latency is dynamic meaning it depends on the pitch of the incoming note--lower pitch notes take a little longer to detect--latency will vary only from 0-ms to 4-ms--which is fast.

Waves Tune Real-Time has user-defined parameters that customize the tuning action exactly to your preferences. Vocal tuning, from very subtle and tasteful touchups to hard-core pitch quantizing effects aka "T-Pain" vocals, are possible. I especially liked the intuitive GUI in this plug-in--you'll get how to use it immediately even if you've never used a tuner before.

Tuning, especially vocal tracks post-performance, is an aesthetical musical process that can sound only as good as the tool(s) you use. Waves Tune Real-time has a good set of advanced, intuitive tools such as: control over formants, note tune speed (how quickly the tuning action happens) and note transition time (how fast a new and different note is corrected), and precise control over the preservation of vibrato. Waves Tune Real-Time also works with non-Western musical scales and there is pitch correction ratio control and instantaneously pitch meter.

You can constrain pitch correction to a musical scale and key and remove all trace of pitch ambiguities for super pristine vocal tuning. "Illegal" notes--not in the scale or key--are indicated and you can edit to include or exclude more or less of them.

There is a whole list of scales listed and you can define a customized scale. Or if you don't know the key or the key changes often in the song, you can go with Chromatic. There is also an editable range control to confine tuning to the typical singing ranges of bass, baritone, tenor, alto, mezzo alto, and soprano singers.

Narrowing the range defines the tuner's workload for more accuracy. I actually tuned a fretless bass guitar, at least for the upper notes above C1 (on the keyboard graphic) using the Bass vocal range. Whenever the musician played high up on the instrument, his intonation was not great so Waves Tune Real-Time took care of those notes but whenever he played down in the normal bass octave below the Bass vocal range, where he was more solidly in tune, the plug-in effectively bypasses.

I also used my connected MIDI keyboard to force different notes for slight melody changes that were different choices originally sung by the singer. In Pro Tools I set up a MIDI fader routed to Waves Tune Real-time that received my Line6 Mobile Keys MIDI over USB. Works awesome and of course, I would record this MIDI data as well.

What I have come to find is that Waves Tune Real-Time offers a high fidelity and easy method for tuning vocals and instruments. It runs Native in AAX, AU, and VST hosts and runs in any live mixing console via MultiRack SoundGrid. It is compatible with all SoundGrid applications including eMotion ST and eMotion LV1. Wave Tune Real-Time sells for $199.

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