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Yamaha Bluetooth MIDI Adapters

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Yamaha Bluetooth MIDI Adapters
 Yamaha Bluetooth MIDI Adapters
The MD-BT01 and UD-BT01 connect synthesizers, keyboards and electronic drum kits to Mac computers and iOS devices. They send and receive MIDI data over Bluetooth LE and do not require batteries. The UD-BT01 is for USB-to-host computer MIDI connectivity and the MD-BT01 (shown) is designed for instruments with traditional 5-pin DIN jack MIDI in/out ports.

Essentially these are both plug and play systems for on-spot setups to get MIDI data back and forth instantly from instruments to computers or other instruments.

Both the Yamaha UD-BT01 and MD-BT01 sell for $79.99 each. Check out:

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