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Zivix jamstik+

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Zivix jamstik+
 Zivix jamstik+
The Zivix jamstik+ controller uses lighting-fast infrared light-sensing technology to track finger placement and provide real-time feedback. As a guitar-learning tool, this ability catches fingering mistakes before they become bad habits. jamstik+ is portable, lightweight and wirelessly connects via Bluetooth to any iOS device or Android Marshmallow OS.

The new picking system with a Fishman magnetic pickup makes all the guitarist's repertoire of tricks such as tapping and pull-offs possible with this small five-fret instrument. jamstik+ has real strings, frets and no need to ever tune. The jamTutor app series takes you through lessons interactively, step-by-step, making it easy if it's your first time with a guitar or just want to get back into playing. Using the Four Chords app allows you to play more than 1,000 popular songs.

You can practice anywhere using your ear buds or connect your device to a speaker or amp and play along with GarageBand® and hundreds of other existing MIDI apps.

The Zivix jamstik+ sells for $299 MSRP and includes jamTutor guitar lesson series, jamstik+ and jamMix apps. Check:

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