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Auralex ProPAD-XL

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Tones 4 $ Studios
 Auralex ProPAD-XL Just Installed at Tones 4 $ Studios 
Auralex ProPAD-XL
 Auralex ProPAD-XL 

Auralex's ProPAD™ and ProPAD-XL™ studio monitor platform isolators feature three-layer construction and are the premium version of Auralex's MoPads™. Your monitors rest on a sheet of hard rubber that is attached to a single sheet of black-painted MDF and then floated on PlatFoam™ base layer is used to further isolate and increase damping.

The stylish ProPad measures 8W x 13D x 2.125-inches H and the larger ProPAD-XL at 19W X 13D X 2.125-inches High. Both include wedges of additional foam to add tilt (up or down) to your monitors' aim back at you in the listening position.

I received a pair of ProPAD-XLs and they are wide enough (19-inches) to support both my (vertically placed) Yamaha NS-10Ms and my Reftone sound cubes together side by side. Now that these sets of monitors are not directly resting on my wood shelf, there is no mechanical coupling of the cabinets' vibration and resonant energy. It is as if the monitors are totally free standing or suspended in air.

In addition to elevating my small monitors up and more directly aimed at the listening position, the ProPAD-XLs add a finished look to my wood monitor shelf and improved the view I see all day long from the mixer's position!

A pair of Auralex ProPad sells for $149 MAP while the ProPad-XLs sell for $299 MAP. There is much more at:

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