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Auralex Acoustics ProMAX v2 Panels

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Auralex Acoustics ProMAX v2
 Auralex Acoustics ProMAX v2 
Auralex Acoustics updates their Stand-Mounted ProMAX Acoustical Panels with the new ProMAX™ v2. These are easy-to-setup portable acoustic absorption panels that can be deployed on an "as needed basis" throughout any room.

The ProMAX v2 is designed for a variety of spaces and applications and can be implemented in any location where boundary-mounted (wall) acoustical treatments aren't feasible or desired.

The ProMAX v2 measures 24W x 48H x 3D inches and starts with the absorptive Studiofoam™ panel. Version 2 adds an angled reflective rear surface for dialing-in the tonal/ambience balance in your room by mixing and matching multiple ProMAX v2 panels.

You can set up either using the melamine-free absorptive foam side for more absorption in overly reverberant rooms or use the harder reflective side when you would like a more lively ambience for musical or theatrical performances.

With a few of these stand-mounted acoustical absorption panels you can easily reduce unwanted acoustical reflections and annoying room reverberation and get the sound "just right" in conference rooms, classrooms, or residential spaces.

Available in charcoal gray, burgundy and purple, the Auralex Acoustics ProMAX v2 panels sell for $349 MAP. For more check:

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