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Drawmer CMC2 Compact Monitor Controller

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Drawmer CMC2 Compact Monitor Controller
 Drawmer CMC2 Compact Monitor Controller 
The Drawmer CMC2 Compact Monitor Controller is a stereo (2.1) monitor controller designed exactly like Drawmer's popular MC2.1 and MC3.1 monitor controllers. The CMC2 (at $299 MSRP), as compared to Drawmer's top of the line MC3.1 ($999 MSRP), is just a streamlined version with the essential, most-used stereo monitoring facilities.

Perfectly sized for project studios or professional editing bays, the CMC2 measures 7.25 W X 6.5 D X 1.25 H-inches and weighs just 2.5lbs.

It has three stereo inputs: two balanced stereo inputs and a 3.5mm unbalanced stereo Aux input jack on the front for playing audio directly from phones and tablets. The Aux input has a separate volume control to match monitoring levels with professional +4dB audio sources you might be also using coming from Pro Tools HDX or any other DAW interfaces.

You get the MC's Mix Check facilities (phase reverse, summed mono, and dim), and you can switch between two sets of stereo monitor loudspeakers, a separate subwoofer output with on/off switch, and a separate volume control for the headphones.

The CMC2 sells for $299 MSRP and represents a very cost effective yet great sounding monitor controller. For more check out:

Drawmer CMC2 Compact Monitor Controller
 Drawmer CMC2 Compact Monitor Controller Rear Panel 

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