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Dynaudio PRO LYD 48 3-Way Monitors

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Dynaudio PRO LYD 48 3-Way Monitors
 Dynaudio PRO LYD 48 3-Way Monitors 
Dynaudio PRO adds to the LYD studio monitor range with the LYD 48, a 3-way professional monitor speaker. These monitors are a bass reflex design and have an 8-inch woofer, a 4-inch mid-range driver and a 1-inch soft-dome high frequency tweeter. They make an excellent choice for either near-field or mid-field applications and are available in white (pictured) and also in a classic, all black finish.

Each of the drivers is powered by a separate Class D amplifier (3 amplifiers total) that provide 80-watts to the woofer and 50-watts each for the mid-range and tweeter. The amp features 96kHz/24bit DSP signal processing, selectable input sensitivity, as well as the same Standby Mode as the original LYD speakers.

Like the other LYD monitors, the 3-way version features Bass Extension allowing a choice between the default "flat" setting and a maximum bass mode with the low frequencies extended by 10Hz.

The Sound Balance option "tilts" the tonal balance gently to emphasize one end of the spectrum while decreasing the opposite end by the same amount. Unlike typical shelving filters, the frequency response is changed without phase shift. By default, the monitor is set flat or neutral and then the Sound Balance can be set for either a 'Bright' or 'Dark' sound.

The LYD 48 sells for $1,529 MSRP each. For more information, check:

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