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Etymotic Research Updated ER4XR and ER4SR In-Ear Earphones

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Etymotic Research Updated ER4XR and ER4SR In-Ear Earphones
 Etymotic Research Updated ER4XR and ER4SR In-Ear Earphones 
Etymotic Research added new features to their classic ER-4® insert earphone and also now offer the new ER4SR™ Studio Reference earphone and ER4XR™ Extended Response models. With Etymotic's 30 to 40dB of noise isolation, the ER-4S has remained largely unchanged until now.

The new ER4SR Studio Reference and ER4XR models build on the ER-4s with better and more accurate sound reproduction and the ER4XR Extended Response option delivers more bass for music lovers. I liked the new durable and detachable cables that are easily replaced and don't tangle at all.

There is a very posh zipper carrying case with individual pockets inside to hold different size ear tips, cable adapter, instructions and measured performance specifications. Extra sets of replaceable filters, an insertion tool and specific instructions are also included.

I gave both new models a test run here at my studio using the same Aphex Headpod 454 Four-Channel Headphone Amplifier I always use for evaluating all headphones and in-ears here at my studio. I went with the large foam ear tips and once I had them in my ears, I was very surprised how much isolation from outside sound was possible and at the same time how full range they sounded. I compared them to different sets of molded in-ear monitors with multiple drivers and found them to nearly match. In general, the molded multi-driver pairs had more power in the mid-range for live stage work but required more amplifier power.

The ER4XRs had good bass and were capable of loud playbacks. The two (L and R) anodized metal bodies are not marked left or right so there was a little guessing there each time I put them in. But by switching them to the correct sides, it revealed how closely matched they are in frequency response and loudness.

The ER4SR Studio Reference and ER4XR Extended Response earphones sell for $349 MSRP for each pair and make an excellent way to hear music from you phone or even in the studio without disturbance from outside noise. There is much more about them and other new products coming from Etymotic Research at:

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