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MoReVoX and Overloud Studio Sessions REmatrix Expansion Library

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MoReVoX and Overloud Studio Sessions
 MoReVoX and Overloud Studio Sessions REmatrix Expansion Library 
Studio Sessions is the new expansion library for Overloud's REmatrix reverb plug-in. MoReVox, the Italian-based sound design company, has developed a great set of rich and natural reverberations from using of all the best reverb units used in professional studios from the '70s onward.

There is a big collection of 150 new impulse responses and 100 practical presets that were carefully derived during actual, working studio sessions. Besides the pure IRs, you also get them played through recording consoles for the additional analog coloration.

I received the Studio Sessions collection and it quickly dropped into the REmatrix (ver 1.2.7) GUI and was ready for action. I went for a cool reverb vocal treatment for a lead vocal in a country song and finally settled on (there are so many choices here!) with preset 057 Dark Compact. In the GUI, I increased the Special fader loaded with Studio Sessions' Shimmerish IR and then reduced the Big Dark fader's IR.

Presets/IRs suitable for vocals are just the start of uses for Studio Sessions; there are presets for keyboards, synth, drums and acoustic instruments.

Studio Sessions is available as a REmatrix expansion library and can be used with the free REmatrix Player. It is available for download from for $79. Check:

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