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Nugen Audio MasterCheck Pro

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Nugen Audio MasterCheck Pro
 Nugen Audio MasterCheck Pro 
MasterCheck is a metering/measurement plug-in (Native AAX, VST, AU) you place on your stereo master mix bus. It comes in two variants: MasterCheck and MasterCheck Pro and both are designed to measure audio quality for music destined for loudness normalization required in services such as iTunes Radio, Spotify, YouTube, Pandora and other streaming services.

Audio producers/mastering engineers are increasingly concerned with loudness targets and must take advantage of increased headroom that would be otherwise lost to automatic loudness normalization streaming services employ to lower the level of a "hot" master making it quieter than it could be.

Nugen's MasterCheck allow the measurement of loudness in real-time to a specified target. You can measure your mix's dynamic range--its Peak to Loudness ratio (PLR) and Loudness K-Weighted relative to Full Scale (LKFS). Most importantly, also determine if your mix level will clip a subsequent streaming compression codec.

MasterCheck lets you compare the dynamics and loudness levels (LKFS) of your mix with a reference target loudness for a particular streaming platform. You can A/B and set the amount of dynamic compression/limiting of your mix to match loudness objectively.

The MasterCheck Pro version adds monitoring and measurement and real-time encoding and analysis of up to five codec streams to simulate what your music mix will sound like when streamed by any of the online services. By previewing your mix intended for digital music services, you can ensure clip-free encoding of uploaded master audio files.

Nugen Audio's MasterCheck Pro is a "must have" for modern mastering, music/audio producers to maximize the quality of their work when streamed or played-out of the streaming services. It sells for $199 downloadable at:

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