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Peterson Tuners StroboClip HD

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Peterson Tuners StroboClip HD
 Peterson Tuners StroboClip HD 
Peterson Tuners' StroboClip HD™ is their next generation of clip-on tuner. Its new custom-designed clip allows easy attachment to any stringed, woodwind, or brass instrument for Peterson's unrivaled tuning resolution of .01 cent--that's 1/1000th of a semi-tone.

The StroboClip HD's screen has almost twice the resolution compared to its predecessor so you get very smooth tuning action plus real-time response that makes it easy to view even the smallest changes in pitch.

The StroboClip HD has a black matte case constructed of high-impact material for rugged reliability on the road. The battery life has been extended with over 20 hours of tuning time using a single, standard CR2032 battery. This is an indication of an improved electronic design.

StroboClip HD comes with 50 proprietary Sweetened Tuning™ presets that can help correct inherent tuning issues in many instruments. StroboClip HD also supports the Peterson Connect online utility whereby owners can connect it using a USB cable to update the latest firmware or create a custom configuration if desired.

StroboClip HD sells for $59.99 MAP and is available now.


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