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PSP Audioware Nexcellence Spring Reverb

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PSP Nexcellence Spring Reverb
 PSP Audioware Nexcellence Spring Reverb 
PSP's new Nexcellence (ver 1.0.2) is a spring reverb emulation plug-in inspired by the "Necklace" reverbs made by Hammond Organ company starting around 1959. Nexcellence models the three springs hung like a woman's necklace. The metal framework, or housing, was shaped like a T and the springs drooped from one end of the horizontal T line to the other, creating the look of a necklace. They are about 13-inches wide, 1-inch deep and 14-inches tall.

Nexcellence provides two different spring set processors: I and II. You can use one or both processing engines at the same time and unlike the original hardware units, there are adjustable parameters to control the inherent characteristics (both good and bad) of all spring reverbs.

PSP Nexcellence Spring Reverb
PSP is always super-accurate in their emulations and I liked using Nexcellence on electric guitars--just as they are used in electric guitar amps. I used a lot of it actually to develop surf music sounds of the '60s. It adds a "bubbly" twang but with more control over the brightness (Color knob), the bubbles and the twang (Decay Time Knob) with 0.8 to 7.2 seconds.

I liked overdriving this reverb when the built-in opto-limiter kicks in on the input signal. The sound of the reverberation (only) mellows out and takes on a darker character--however you may have to crank up the output gain a bit for matching levels.

Lastly, the M/S processing and the way one spring can be used for the left and the other for the right side. Having control over stereo width is something all new heretofore never possible with hardware spring reverbs. Awesome!

Nexcellence sells for $149 MSRP as a download from PSP Audioware. Check:

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