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Shure Bluetooth Remote + Mic Earphones

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Shure Bluetooth Remote + Mic Earphones
 Shure Bluetooth Remote + Mic Earphones 
On the heels of Shure's Remote + Mic Lighting Accessory Cable or RMCE-LTG, comes the new Shure Remote + Mic Earphone Bluetooth Accessory cable. There are three new sets of cable/earphone combinations that use this new Bluetooth cable with three levels of Shure earphones all equipped with MMCX connectors. There are the SE112-BT1 ($49), SE215-BT1 ($99) and SE215SPE-BT ($119) pairs.

I was familiar with the sound of the SE215 earphones from reviewing them with the Remote + Mic Lighting Accessory Cable or RMCE-LTG. The Bluetooth version sounds very much the same. The latest Bluetooth 4.1 spec is used here and I found these to pair nearly instantly with my iPhone 6 and will quickly re-pair if your phone exceeds the maximum 30-foot range temporarily.

I also liked that these worked well for at least 6 hours or more intermittently. The two-piece system is made up of a three-button remote/playback controller and the Bluetooth transceiver that was easy to wear and hide if need be. I wear these on the subway and noisy streets and appreciate the up to 37dB of sound isolation they provide along with plenty of volume and the good voice clarity as callers have commented.

The SE215 earphones fit well in I my ear canals, look good and the cables and ear clips are first rate. The top-of-the line SE215SPE-BT set come in clear, translucent black, blue or white.


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