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Switchcraft AudioFix 303 Inline XLR

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Switchcraft AudioFix 303 Inline XLR
 Switchcraft AudioFix 303 Inline XLR 
The Switchcraft's AudioFix™ 303 Inline XLR Audio Controlled Connector is an inline connector that instantly solves problems in the studio, live sound, or installed sound systems.

The 303 starts with a nickel-plated metal design with durable Switchcraft male and female XLR connectors at each end ready to be inserted into balance audio lines. A fully passive device, there are three useful audio processing functions available on the 303 that can be used individually or in any combination.

Switchcraft AudioFix 303 Inline XLR
The three, rugged slide switches surrounding the female XLR connector end of the 303 switch in or out: a high quality -20db attenuator pad, ground lift that "floats" pin 1 on the XLR from the connector's metal case, and a polarity switch that "flips" pin 2 with pin 3 on the XLRs. This product measures 2.87 L X 1.03 W X 1.227 H-inches and is RoHs compliant.

Other specifications are:

Pad on output impedance on male side: 167Ω with 150Ω source.

Pad ON imput impedance on female side: 1,657Ω with 1kΩ load.

Switches rating: 100-volts, 1A (switching)

A super handy gadget to have one or more in your kit, the Switchcraft AudioFix 303 sells for $49.95 MSRP.


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