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Acoustic Geometry Pro Room Packs

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Acoustic Geometry Pro Room Packs
 Acoustic Geometry Pro Room Packs 
The Acoustic Geometry Room Packs are sets of professional-level room acoustic treatment products--they come in four sizes based on both your room's size and/or the severity of the typical acoustic problems you'll experienced in those rooms.

There are packs that come with: 6, 8, 10, and 12 combinations of phase-coherent diffusion, low-frequency room mode absorption (bass traps), and mid/high frequency sound absorption panels. The Pro Room Packs include fabric-wrapped panels, absorptive overhead ceiling clouds, Acoustic Geometry's Curve Diffusors™ and CornerSorbers™. All mounting hardware is included with these kits. Once you get them, you can get going and put them up using basic hand tools.

Pro Room Packs come in your choice in six stock fabric colors as well as 23 additional special-order colors. Colors range from the most popular onyx, birch, and then there are beautiful color textures such as Beach Glass and Sandy Pebble.

Pro Room Packs are proven acoustical products that will greatly improve the acoustics and sound of recording studios, audio post-production rooms, stereo listening rooms, and high-end home theaters.

There are a whole series of informational videos about acoustic treatment and sound isolation guides on the company's Web site and YouTube channel. For the prices and colors of the Acoustic Geometry's Pro Room Packs, check:

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