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Cerwin-Vega CVE Series Loudspeakers

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Cerwin-Vega CVE Series Loudspeakers
 Cerwin-Vega CVE Series Loudspeakers 
The compact and portable CVE Series loudspeakers have modern and complex DSP that enables simple, one-button setup to conform their sound in any room. Easy and fast setup makes them excellent choices for itinerate musicians, DJs, or for semi-permanent installation in houses of worship, corporate events and staging uses.

The CVE Series models will work within conventional existing sound systems by accepting audio inputs through a pair of combo XLR/TRS line inputs. But they also accept streaming audio from any smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth making them perfect for "on-the-spot", impromptu applications.

There are three full-range, 2-way models in the series that all come in tough yet lightweight polymer enclosures with a choice of the CVE-10, CVE12, CVE-15 with 10, 12 or 15-inch woofers respectively.

They all use 1.5-inch compression drivers coupled to a 90-degree HF horn. Also for larger coverage and/or music reproduction, there is the companion CVE-18s--an 18-inch subwoofer with a 1,000-watt Class-D Amplifier to provide up to 126dB SPL and low-frequency extension down to 26Hz for any of the full-range models.

With a built-in proprietary CV Loud Limiter that prevents distortion, the Cerwin-Vega CVE Series Loudspeakers sell for: $329 (CVE-10), $399 (CVE-12), and $499 (CVE-15). The CVE-18s subwoofer sells for $699.

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