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D'Addario/Ned Steinberger Cradle Capo

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D'Addario/Ned Steinberger Cradle Capo
 D'Addario/Ned Steinberger Cradle Capo 
D'Addario Accessories adds the NS Cradle Capo to their accessory line. Designed in conjunction with Ned Steinberger, the self-centering Cradle Capo is popular among bluegrass and folk players but actually any musician can benefit from its simpler and effective design.

It is fast and easy to position with its stainless steel self-centering design, the Cradle Capo centers behind the neck of your instrument automatically, assuring horizontal string-pull for perfect tuning and intonation. This capo is thinner and lighter weight than others and the adjustable micrometer lets you dial in the perfect pressure, allowing the freedom for quick transitions while conveniently storing behind the guitar's nut when not in use.

My guitar player loved it! He said: "You squeeze it to release the hinged bar that reaches across the neck of the guitar, and a slight curved spot on the side of the capo makes this easy." Covering the entire width of the guitar's neck, we found the capo to work well over the wider neck of his 12-string guitar and that guitar's tuning mostly remained the same when removing or placing it during live performances.

The D'Addario/Ned Steinberger Cradle Capo (PW-CP-18) sells for: $99.95 MSRP or $69.99 MAP.

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