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D'Addario Evans UVI Bass Drum Heads

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D'Addario Evans UVI Bass Drum Heads
 D'Addario Evans UVI Bass Drum Heads 
Evans Drumheads by D'Addario Percussion now has bass drum heads using their patented UV coating technology. Previously only available for the rest of the kit, the UV1 series heads has solved the problem for drummers who are tired of flaked, chipped, and worn out coatings.

The patented UV-cured coating provides durability and consistency of texture and makes them extremely responsive for brush playing, while the unique 10-mil thick film delivers exceptional strength and versatility. Combined with Level 360 Technology™, the UV1 Bass series feature the 10-mil, single-ply drumhead and the popular EQ4 and EMAD variations. They are available from 16 to 26-inch sizes.

My drummer Charlie Waymire and I found the UV EQ4 with its fixed internal overtone control ring focused the low end but retained a nice mid-range tone that cuts though the mix without too much attack or too much sustain--just right. Check out the UV EMAD heads if you need more attack.

The UV1 is a completely different beast. This head is wide open and really shines when you let it sing. We found that at a medium to high tuning, the UV1 produced a wonderfully open sound that had lots of life and character. Although you could use some dampening on the inside to tighten the sound up, drummers who want an open, natural acoustic sound will really like this head.

The UV1 Bass series ranges from sizes 16 to 26-inches and range in price from $20.99 to $61.95. Check:

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