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How To Write Songs On Keyboard from Backbeat Books

Not that being a keyboard player is required to write songs using this new book written by guitar teacher and songwriter Rikky Rooksby, it's just a different process to write on keyboard than guitar. Rooksby has also written How To Write Songs on Guitar if you want to explore that method. Either way both these books are for those who have never written a song or for anybody who would like to improve the structure and lyrics of songs they write.

The book has easy to follow diagrams and an accompanying 90-track music CD that you can hear how it should sound. Even if you can't read music, you'll learn to find effective and inspiring chords and how to play simple major and minor chords. Next, you'll learn how to find and use memorable chord changes and sequences; create harmonies; and use chord inversions to smooth transitions.

Worth the $22.95 price just for being a great source of inspiration--a jump starter for beginning songwriters, How To Write Songs On Keyboard is much more. It will put any would-be songwriter on a good path to effective song structure, melodic consequence, and memorable lyrics. From Backbeat Books at 866-222-5232 or

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