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Damage Control Guitar Pedals

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Damage Control Guitar Pedals

There are two (so far) new guitar pedals from Damage Control: the Demonizer and the Womanizer. Looking like small futuristic anti-personnel land mines, both pedals are built in rugged cast aluminum metal cases and both have twin 12AX7 vacuum tubes. Both models have two modes, Conventional and Nuclear with both featuring a cool-looking "Magic Eye" display that adds to the visibly glowing tubes on either side.

The Demonizer is called an audiophile tube distortion preamp with opto-compression and 'bionic' equalizer. The EQ has both a Pre section (-6/+15dB 250 to 1.2kHz) before the distortion engine and Post section after it for further midrange carving plus a +/-20dB active treble control. Demonizer finishes with a 4 X 12 cabinet simulator direct recording output.

Womanizer earns its misogynic misnomer by replicating the famous and elusive Woman Tone made popular by Eric Clapton and others. Suffice it to say that Womanizer provides classic Rock tones using Class-A cascade tube stages. While both units share the same opto-compressor design, Womanizer differs in the equalizer design with +/- 20dB at 200Hz to 1kHz on the Pre section and +/20dB active Bass and Treble in the Post section. Womanizer also uses a 1 X 12 cabinet simulation--more typical of a retro-style combo Blues amp.

Good, useful tools and fun too, Demonizer and Womanizer sell for $499 MSRP each. For much more, contact Damage Control at 805-480-9229 or visit

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