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GT Player 2.5 from DSound

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GT Player 2.5 from DSound is a virtual guitar pedal board. It runs both as a standalone application and as a VST plug-in. In standalone mode, there are three modules: GT player, a guitar multi-effects processor; Track Player, an audio player and recorder; and the Rewire Player which allows you to mix and control audio from ReWire compatible programs.GT Player 2.5 from DSound

GT Player comes with thirteen DSound Stomp N'FX patches which are a complete series of guitar stomp boxes ranging from distortion and overdrives to various modulation boxes (flanger, chorus, etc.), to reverbs and delays. Additionally, you can use all third-party VST plug-ins like Amplitube, Warp, and Virtual Guitarist from within GT Player.

Running a Pentium 4 at 3.4Ghz. Windows PC system and in standalone mode, we were able to get the latency down to 64 samples (1.5ms) making it useable as a real time guitar effects processor. Most of the time we ran GT Player as a VST plug-in with Nuendo as host where a single instance of this plug-in calls up an incredibly powerful effects rack. The rack contains three effects chains (2 parallel and 1 serial) each with 8 slots meaning up to 24 different effects for each instantiation.

Both DSound's and third-party VST plug-ins are available and can be saved as combinations in any of the 128 user memory locations. We had lots of fun recording a direct and dry guitar signal and then "dial-in" the sound with all sorts of stomp boxes from DSound and amp simulations from Amplitube in all sorts of different combinations.

With 111 very good factory presets in the style of Korn, Anastasia, Rammstein, Metallica and many more, GT Player 2.5 is both MAC and PC compatible and they have just recently announced the immediate compatibility of DSound software on the new Intel-based Apple computers. GT Player 2.5 sells for $119 and is available online at:

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