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D-TAR Timber-Line™

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Timber-Line™ is a coaxial, under-saddle transducer powered by an 18-volt power supply that effectively doubles the headroom compared to lower-powered, nine-volt on-board preamps. This allows for a wider dynamic range and harder strumming without getting the typical piezo "quack." However, until now, users had to rely on a pair of bulky nine-volt batteries to derive the 18-volts required.

Timber-Line's secret is a voltage converter circuit that mounts next to the battery clip. It's fully shielded with a footprint around the size of a postage stamp. Besides taking up less space and adding less weight to the instrument, the two AA batteries are less expensive than 9-volt batteries and deliver 250 hours of continuous playing time.

The entire range of D-TAR products including the Equinox™ Three-Band EQ can be viewed at: Telephone them at: 805-964-9610.

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