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Elixir Strings I received three sets of Elixir enhanced plain steel strings for electric guitar. They tune up, feel and play like traditional steel strings but they have a microscopic metal plating that keeps them clean and clear for over three times as long. My guitarist/tester remarked that they have a "supple feel" and "slinkiness" when compared to nickel or stainless steel strings.

We were careful not to "over tune" (intentionally go sharp) when we strung these up and they took about the same amount of time to "seat" on our Fender Strat® and behave normally as regular strings. After ten days of occasional playing, they are as bright and full of tone as when new.

Elixir strings come in all sizes and sell for $10.99 MSRP. For much more about them, contact Elixir Strings at 800-367-5533 or go to:

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