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Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Strings from Elixir®

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Phosphor bronze strings have a unique sound and character but are prone to dulling out quickly--losing their high frequency sparkle mostly due to natural corrosion. Some guitar players also exude oils and other contaminants via the pores in their hands that further corrode guitar strings--shortening their useful life. To combat these realities, Elixir has electric strings with a microscopic coating called Nanoweb® and now that same process is available on phosphor bronze strings for acoustic guitar.

Said to last three to five times longer than uncoated strings, Phosphor Bronze Elixir strings can sound the same even after six weeks of use making them a very welcomed surprise for acoustic players who change strings often to keep that bright, clear and resonant tone.

Sets of new Phosphor Bronze Elixir strings for acoustic come in extra light, custom light, light, light-medium and medium gauges. They sell for $14.99 MSRP and are manufactured by W.L. Gore & Associates. For more information, please visit

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