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Furman Power Factor Pro R

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Furman Power Factor Pro R

Power Factor Pro is a floor/stage power conditioner designed to optimize musical amplifier performance. Power conditioning of the AC power line has become more important lately as the utility infrastructure further degrades with concomitant increases in noise, voltage fluctuation, and over voltage surges. Noise-degraded power sources make any amplifier sound muddy during peak output. Power Factor Pro R purifies power for better amplifier performance, stores up to 45 amps peak up surge of extra current required during transient power demands, and protects sensitive electronics from surges, spikes, and over voltage conditions.

Power factor is the amount of phase shift between the current (amps) and voltage (volts) components of all AC power sources. When this shift is excessive, power is wasted, lost as heat or reflected back into the source and never available for use. Transient Power Factor Correction lasting from 5 to 10ms is used with Furman's proprietary transient voltage clamp called Series Multi-Stage Protection Plus (SMP+). In addition, Linear Filtering Technology™ (LiFT) suppresses noise across the entire dynamic current range--no matter how much is drawn. Finally, EVS or Extreme Voltage Shutdown protects against accidental connections to 208 or 240 VAC by disconnecting the incoming power until the over voltage condition is corrected.

The Power Factor Pro R is housed in a compact single-space, rack-mount chassis, has eight outlets on the rear panel plus an easy-to-reach ninth on the front panel, and a BNC connector on the rear panel for any standard 12-volt gooseneck lamp. The Power Factor Pro R is rated for 12 amps and has a 20-segment voltmeter on the front panel that displays the incoming line voltage in a range of 90 to 128 volts. For much more, visit:

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