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Magix's Ringtone Maker

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Magix's Ringtone Maker

One of the 'au courant' style-markers is proudly showing your musical preference via your cell phone's ring tone. The year 2005 will see 30 million downloaded ring tones generating $404 million. With Magix's Ringtone Maker you can avoid paying subscription or download fees by ripping CDs, MP3 or any recording into ring tone files that can be uploaded to your phone.

For Windows PCs, Ringtone Maker is a complete workstation where you import your music from CD, MP3 or your own recording and edit out the portion(s) you'd like to use. There is a four-track mixer that you can use to recombine or crossfade music chunks for truly unique sounds and add effects like echo, EQ, compression, filters or distortion. Music Loops is a way to loop melodies for extending the ring length. You can record your own voice or mix and match over 500 comic and music loops to produce totally originally sounds. Finally, Ringtone simulator lets you hear you music in 'mobile format' before uploading--there is some loss of fidelity of course due to the phone's speaker.

All the popular formats like OGG Vorbis, .WAV, .WMA, .MP3 and music CDs are supported and once you make your ring tone, you can export in Real Music to AMR, ADPCM or SMAF files that work in your phone. Connection to your phone is (depending on your phone) either by way of USB cable, infrared beam or Bluetooth signaling.

Magix Ringtone Maker sells for $29.95 and for much more visit or call 888-866-2449

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