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Dean Markley Love Potion™ Guitar Polish

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Dean Markley Love Potion™ Guitar Polish

Dean Markley has a whole new line of guitar care products called Love Potion Polish/Cleaners and Lov'n Care polishing cloths. Priced from $2.95 to about $22.00, there is now no excuse for your guitar not to look its best at all times. Maybe your excuse for not taking care of your axe is that you're afraid furniture polish (Pledge! Yikes!) might harm the finish or dull the instrument's tone.

Love Potion #9 (somebody at Markley is having fun reusing that '60's hit song title) is a 'spritzer' cleaning solution for everyday cleaning and polishing--for quick wipe downs. If you use Potion #11, then you're in for deep cleaning action and you should follow up with Potion #13 for restoration. Love Potion #15 is for the fret board only and brings out the wood's natural color and grain.

Lov'n Care polishing cloths are made from the perfect material for wipe downs or serious deep cleaning and restoration. The Double-Thick Cotton is for applying polish and cleaners on big cleanup jobs while the Micro Fiber cloths are for quick wipe downs and touch-ups. Lov'n Care cloths are a generous 18x18-inches square for easy handling and feel, machine washable, and are designed to actually lift dirt, fingerprints, dust, etc. from the surface of the guitar without affecting the finish.

For more information about Love Potion polishes and cleaners, Lov'n Care polishing cloths, and the full line of Dean Markley strings, pickups, and accessories, contact Dean Markley Strings at 408-988-2456 or at

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