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T.R.I.O from MindPrint TRIO is from MindPrint and is actually a complete recording interface with many professional features lacking in other desktop units. TRIO can be used standalone with any analog gear and system or along with your computer DAW. It begins with a Hughes & Kettner® instrument input and XLR-input microphone pre-amp with 48-volt phantom powering. There are a two-band equalizer, analog compressor and insert I/O for this single channel input. In addition, you may record this channel at the same time as a stereo line input with its own EQ section and controls. Pro features include: a mute button, low frequency roll-off and a way to mix these sources to a single recording.

The middle section of TRIO has switchable LED/VU meter for checking levels of both the recording and playback and a zero-latency mixer where your live sound is mixed with your computer's playback audio. There are two headphone systems each with separate level control, a monitor on/off (mute) and a talkback system with built-in microphone.

Finishing, the system has a large speaker volume control, switching for up to three pairs of speakers, a mono listen and dim button and direct out. The unit outputs 24-bit up to 96kHz on S/PDIF TOSLINK and can be slaved to external clocking. For much more information, contact MindPrint at

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