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The O-Tray Mic Stand Tray

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The O-Tray Mic Stand Tray

The O-Tray is a clip-on tray designed with the musician in mind, but comedians and public speakers could use it too. Made of polypropylene plastic and weighing just 3.5 ounces, the tray is held in place by a pressure clamp working together with a non-slip rubber bumper to insure stability and strength. It's simple to attach to any standard size 7/8-inch microphone stand shaft and also some drum high hats posts. The O-Tray easily hold picks, capos, slides, harmonicas, tuners, set lists, ashtrays, and your favorite drink.

Normally $24.99, the O-Tray is now offer at special price of $17.50 and available in black or blue colors. For much more contact: Ochenrider Concepts, Inc. at 813-264-5885 or visit

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