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Pignose Pedals It's about time Pignose started showing everyone how to make a guitar stomp pedal! The Piggy-In-A-Box unit puts the 30-year veteran Pignose 7-100 amplifier circuit into a stomp box. This is a guitar amp powered by (count 'em) six AA batteries (or wall wart power supply--not supplied) that will drive a small, eight or ten-inch speaker to surprisingly loud volumes. At $119.95, you can also use this pedal as a pre-amp to your regular guitar rig by connecting the Pre-amp out jack into your pedal effects chain like any other pedal. As a pre-amp, we found this pedal/amp to sound exactly like our old favorite porcine friend only much louder by way of our Fender Twin amp.

The Detonator S.P. distortion/power boost unit (also pictured) produces the basic Pignose sound but goes on to add a warm and round overdrive and distortion. The Extra Snort control adds as much hoggish distortion as you can stand. We had to keep one hand on the amp's volume control when kicking in Extra Snort--it will rip your face off! For step outs and solos, the Detonator S.P. provides great extra power Suggested retail price is $139.95.

I found both units well made and ready for the road with the same leatherette covering found on the Pignose amp. More information about Pignose and Gorilla amplifiers, PAs, guitars, and accessories is at 702-648-2444 or online at

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