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R.E.T. Percussion NS2

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R.E.T. Percussion NS2 The NS2 line from Rhythm Electronic Technology Percussion (R.E.T.) is the next generation of design in their hand-built Natural series electronic kits. R.E.T. has recreated the real feel of an acoustic drum set as each drum offers a 13-inch playing surface with real drumheads. They found most drummers disliked playing electronic drum pads because the "feel" was wrong when using mesh or rubber playing surfaces.

Utilizing real drumheads for a more natural feel, the NS2 triggering system gives the same feel as an acoustic kit, but with the sounds and abilities of an electronic kit. R.E.T. uses a unique muffling system that cuts stick noise levels by 60dB but still gives the drummer more natural dynamics and stick bounce. NS2 technology also takes full advantage of the latest modules utilizing dual tom triggering and locking Neutrik connectors. The kit's rack is double-braced and folds down for easy moving and sturdy enough to take on the road.

The NS2 is an electronic drum set that is designed for churches, home, the studio and the stage. The hand stained shells come in six colors or can be custom-stained to order. Smartrigger electronic cymbals featuring quiet brass-alloy playing surfaces, authentic cymbal playability, feel, swing, and responsiveness along with superior triggering come with every NS2 kit.

R.E.T. Percussion backs their products with a one-year warranty and a custom shop certificate of authenticity. Demos are available at select dealers. For more information, please visit

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