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SingClear Vocal Training CDs

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SingClear Vocal Training CDs

Jon Sinclair, a 25-year music business veteran vocal coach offers a fun and less tedious method to voice training with his series of "in the car" SingClear vocal training CDs. It might soon be illegal to talk on a cell phone while driving but I doubt any law will ever outlaw singing along with these CDs. What better way to improve yourself while waiting (and normally wasting time) in L.A. traffic! Each CD is a self-contained course with subsequent SingClear CDs building upon each other for creating a solid foundation of vocal exercise, technique, maintenance, and vocal endurance.

The first in the series is called The Full Voice and consists of two CDs and instructional insert. There are recordings of several live vocal lessons from SingClear's Hollywood, CA studio and complete instructions on how to develop a full or "chest" voice. This program is equal to six vocal lessons that normally cost up to $125 each.

Other two additional CD packages are: Head Voice & Beyond, a vocal course to develop your "head" and falsetto voice that includes original song instrumental samples in various styles with lyrics so you can practice singing songs in head voice and false and Singer's Suitcase, a program for learning to be mentally ready and relaxed for any live performance or audition.

You can order online at or call 800-231-6135 (CA only) or 818-919-0459 (other states).

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