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Steinberger Bass Cello

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Steinberger Bass Cello Sensing the need to bow an electric bass thereby greatly expanding the instrument's utility, Steinberger offers the NS Electric Bass Cello. The five-string NS Electric Bass Cello has a range of tones covering the double bass and cello and, combined with a bow, produces a powerful bass resonance with brilliant harmonics. The pizzicato voice of the Bass Cello ranges from the percussive punch of an acoustic upright bass to the smooth sustain of the fretless electric bass.

Each instrument is handcrafted in the Czech Republic from maple and ebony and, similar to a cello, features a highly arched fingerboard and bridge for good bow articulation. Using a 34-inch scale length, same as a standard bass guitar, the NS Electric Bass Cello is tuned in fourths like a 5-string bass (EADGC), which means fingering positions will immediately be familiar to electric bass guitar players. You could also tune in fifths for fingerings that are natural to all cello players.

The electronics include a multiple sensor NS Polar Pickup System™ (piezo) fitted at the bridge with two modes: Arco (or bowed) for optimized bowed response and pizzicato for controlling attack and delay characteristics for plucking. In addition, two EMG magnetic pickups provide the electric bass sound. There are two balance controls for mixing the magnetic and Polar pickups and master volume, bass and treble controls.

Three interchangeable support systems are available for the NS Electric Bass Cello: self-standing Tripod Stand for supporting the instrument at any angle, the End Pin Stand is adjustable so the instrument remains balanced without support from the left hand, and the Strap System allows full mobility for all bowing and pizzicato styles of playing.

Learn much more about this fascinating instrument and others at or 207-563-7705.

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