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Summit Audio FeQ-50 Parametric Equalizer

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Summit Audio FeQ-50 Parametric Equalizer

The Summit FeQ-50 is a single-channel, four-band parametric equalizer that uses more desirable, better sounding iron-core coils and capacitors (LC) rather than cheaper resistor capacitor (RC) tone control networks. LC-based equalizers go back to the early days of audio with classic equalizers like Pultec, Lang and Langevin were all noted for their sonically warm character and harmonically pleasing sound. Long gone, these vintage equalizers are still sought after and highly coveted by audio professionals.

Summit Audio, a manufacturer of tube-based outboard gear, did some serious engineering to fit a passive LC tube based EQ in a half-rack space. Being a semi-parametric equalizer, each of the four bands has six selectable frequencies on each band, and fully sweepable gain of +/- 14dB with a center detent at 0dB. The low and high bands feature either peaking or shelving modes while the middle two bands have wide and narrow bandwidth (Q) switches. The fully passive high-pass filter has a knee at 80Hz with a 6dB per octave roll off.

Both XLR-balanced and 1/4-inch unbalanced inputs are accommodated on the Neutrik combo jack. For outputs, the FeQ-50 has both tube and solid-state balanced +4dB XLR and balanced -10dB TRS 1/4-inch jacks. Both outputs are transformerless and work simultaneously. Like all Summit Audio products, the FeQ-50 has an internal high voltage power supply and a three-year warranty. Learn much more at

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