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Jekyll & Hyde Guitar Pedal from Visual Sound

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Jekyll & Hyde Guitar Pedal from Visual Sound

Years ago I was immediately enthralled the first time I saw the Jekyll & Hyde overdrive pedal at a NAMM Show. The name perfectly suits this dual-personality guitar pedal. The new crimson red updated/reissue version retains the triangular, rugged, all-steel 'home plate' shape but it uses updated components throughout. I also noticed more output volume and a bass boost switch for the Jekyll channel.

If you haven't figured it out yet, the Jekyll & Hyde is a two-channel overdrive and distortion stomp box. There are completely separate controls for Drive, Tone, and Volume for each channel plus an EQ control for scooping out mids on the Hyde channel. The Hyde distortion channel also has a Sharp/Blunt switch that changes the sound from bright to a more compressed roundness.

We tried J&H with our Fender Twin and Strat. The overdrive Jekyll channel goes from squeaky clean to a Bluesy thickness comparable to tube-based units. Using Jekyll's Bass Boost switch got the speakers pumping a lot of air on the lower notes. The Hyde channel is for all out distortion and we liked all the different sounds the EQ control offers at one time. If your foot is wide enough you can switch from one channel to the other with one stomp or kick in the Hyde channel on top of the Jekyll for a mix of both at the same time!

The Jekyll & Hyde pedal sells for $186.95 MSRP and for more about it, contact Visual Sound at 931-487-9001 or

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