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The Frustrated Songwriter's Handbook

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The Frustrated Songwriter's Handbook A songwriter or any person engaged in a creative activity will eventually hit a wall that blocks further progress or even the creation process itself. "Writer's Block" is when you don't know how to power out of this nosedive from your usually inspired and high-flying work product. Landing in a low funk is not an option--and that's not funk like James Brown's funk either.

The Frustrated Songwriter's Handbook uses a new system called the Immersion Music Method to try and connect to your inner creativity. So rather than offer tired and almost standardized inspirational encouragement lectures, this book tackles underlying issues with inventive techniques and suggestions.

There are sections on the aforementioned Writer's or Creative Block; using the Immersion Music Method; chapters covering the self-imposed rules all songwriters have, 20-song session, the Day Session, the Songwriter Lodge, revising and polishing songs; and compendiums for generating raw material, session themes, and special games.

Some other ideas: Day Musical where you write a song or a musical in one day; Meter-Made Songs where each song is in a different meter; Film Re-Scoring where you write a score for scene in a film you know; and Grab and Diverge uses a chunk from your first song to write a whole other tune.

From BackBeat Books and priced at $19.95, The Frustrated Songwriter's Handbook will help you eliminate blocks, come up with fresh ideas and put off all procrastination. Much more at: and the Immersion Composition Society site is at:

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