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Cortex Digital Music Controller

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Cortex Digital Music Controller Cortex is a whole new idea for the DJ world. The dual jog wheels let DJs spin and scratch music but not from either vinyl or CDs. The music is stored on hard drives or even portable MP3 players like an iPod connected to the Cortex via its USB port. Essentially the DJ now has access to unlimited music sources--even online or from multiple hard drives, CD/DVD players or USB jump drives. Digital music formats supported are: .mp3, .wav, CD-audio and DVD-ROM.

The (pictured) HDC-1000 Cortex controller has two brightly lit LCD displays to facilitate searching for tracks by artist, song title or genre from connected devices. Song libraries are automatically cataloged as soon as the drive is connected. The LCDs also indicate the currently playing song, artist name, elapsed time and time remaining. Besides jogging music backward and forward, you can cue any point and save that point to memory. Other features include a variable pitch slider, pitch bend +/- buttons and two directional pads and Enter keys for navigating around the LCD to utilize the computer-like File Explorer.

Step up to the HDC-3000 Cortex controller and add a DSP module for storing hot cues, loops (up to 4) and samples (set and stored with a button "on the fly"), a slightly larger LCD with even more information packed on it and four display mode keys, device connection indicator, and the ability to store up to four cue points per track.

With so much music now stored on hard drives and portable players all over the world, this is the future of the music DJ. For much more call 732-661-0001 or visit

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