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Cranesong Phoenix TDM Plug-In

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Cranesong Phoenix Phoenix is a bundle of plug-ins optimized for Pro Tools TDM systems (including Venue) that emulate the many desirous and dynamic sonic characters of analog tape recording and applies them to any track within PT. The sonic signatures of both the tape recorder's electronics and the magnetic tape itself are incorporated into the emulation. Phoenix is a 'from the ground up' software version of Cranesong's hardware HEDD processor so popular amongst digital audiophiles.

To emulate all the different great but sometimes-subtle colorations analog recording imparts to sound, Phoenix comes bundled in five different variations. All five have an input level control analogous to adjusting "how hard you hit the tape"; a Process control for dialing in the amount of the Phoenix process; and three overall color choices: Gold for flat frequency response, Sapphire for a brighter overall sound and Opal for a warmer tonality.

The five plug-ins are: Luminescent--the most neutral and subtle effect; Iridescent is similar but with more midrange and bottom; Radiant has an aggressive compression sound; Dark Essence is more aggressive yet with a wider frequency range that affectively tones down sibilant vocals; and Luster starts subtle and goes into the Dark Essence area when cranked.

In the studio I found uses for all five. Luminescent works great on the whole mix for just a touch of air and openness not usually found on a lot of digital recordings. I like both Iridescent and Dark Essence on vocal tracks depending what I wanted to do. DE and Luster can be magical on the right vocal track! Radiant is good for guitars and other individual tracks.

I'm still investigating all the uses for this marvelous plug-in but I love the subtle, instant 'healing' quality they add to the sound. It is one of very few plug-ins that always sounds better inserted than not.

Phoenix sells for $450 and for much more about it, contact Cranesong at 715-398-3627 or

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