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Digidesign's Custom Pro Tools QWERTY Keyboard

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Digidesign's Custom Pro Tools QWERTY Keyboard

Designed for Windows and Mac-based Pro Tools systems, the Digidesign Pro Tools Custom Keyboard will put any Pro Tools user on the fast-track to becoming a power user by providing direct access to essential Pro Tools transport and editing functions.

Pro Tools Custom Keyboards use the same symbols and color-coding system as the keyboards on the upscale ICON D-Control surface but retains all the conventional alphanumeric labels appearing on both MAC and PC standard QWERTY computer keyboards. The Windows keyboard supports a PS-2 connection for maximum compatibility while the Mac-based keyboard is based on the Apple Mac G5 Pro Keyboard with two USB ports and USB connection cord.

All three versions of Pro Tools software share most of the same key commands. However, Pro Tools LE and Pro Tools M-Powered users should be aware that some key commands are available in Pro Tools HD software only. The DV Toolkit 2 option for Pro Tools LE systems includes some of the key commands that are not normally available with Pro Tools LE software.

The Pro Tools Custom Keyboard sells $119 MSRP for the Mac version, and $105 for the Windows version. For more information, visit:

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