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Furman SB1000 Uninterruptible Power Supply

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Furman SB1000 Uninterruptible Power Supply

An uninterruptible power supply or UPS is a battery-powered system that instantly switches in to keep your computer and studio running when there is an AC power line brown out or failure. Essentially an electronic insurance policy, an UPS will keep your rig 'alive' long enough to quit existing programs and power down properly. Abruptly losing power to a computer system can cause data loss and actual damage to sensitive electronic components.

The Furman SB1000 is a single-rack space UPS that provides up to 1000VA or 600 watts of power in the event of a power line failure, brown out or a serious over/under voltage conditions. It will provide three minutes of backup time at five amps (600 watts)--more than enough time to save current data on your computer and/or music gear and power down. If you run only your computer and monitor, count on 30 minutes of battery time! The unit's internal battery has a one-year warranty and is kept charged from the AC wall outlet.

Good features include: two sets of UPS outlets (4 total) with front panel on/off switches; a non-UPS bypass outlet as a convenience for less critical equipment like laser printers, FAX machines or cable/DSL modems; a current overload alarm when more than 10 amps is drawn; and battery back up mode alarm.

Unique for most UPS systems is the built-in AC line regulation that always keeps the output at 120VAC even if the incoming line drops to 109 volts or climbs to 130 volts. Also unlike most UPS, the SB1000 is not a true online UPS that always runs from a battery. Those systems are not usually powerful enough for studio equipment to produce full-range dynamic audio without distortion and loss of low frequencies. The SB1000 only switches to the battery-powered inverter for over/under voltage conditions or during total line voltage failures.

I've been using the SB1000 system to power my new Pro Tools system and it's great. It's a secure feeling knowing that my expensive equipment and MAC G5 computer are protected from the sometimes intermittent and faulty power in my neighborhood. I enjoy more reliable operation and notice less glitches and weird computer anomalies due to power line noise and spikes. The SB1000 sells for $630 MSRP and for more about it check or call 707-763-1010

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